God does not have grandchildren

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God does not have grandchildren

27 A lot of people that’s half-born, part of the way born… Grandsons, as David duPlessis said the other night, God don’t have grandchildren. He only has sons and daughters.” But when it comes to a place that a grandchild, that’s just brought in by a—’cause his mother was pentecostal or his daddy was pentecostal he becomes part of the church… No, sir. He’s got to be born just like his daddy was, ’cause God doesn’t have grandchildren. He’s got to have the experience. He can’t go in on papa’s experience or mama’s experience; you’ve got to have your own experience. That was their birth. You know, you have to have a birth, too.

God don’t recognize grandchildren; He doesn’t have any. They’re all sons and daughters. You say, “Well, I was borned… And my mother and father was Methodist, and I was took into the Methodist church.” That’s all right. But you’re a grandchild until you’re borned of the Spirit of God; then you’re not a grandchild.

60-0108 – Conference With God
Rev. William Marrion Branham

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